Feeding my habit….

Since my number 2 quilt, I have been doing some little projects (involving quilting of course!) A friend of ours had a baby, so I had to quilt something for the little one… this came in the form of a change mat, burp cloth and a rag quilted bib. I found some fantastic dinosaur fabric which was just right for the bibs and burp cloth for a little boy. The bib pattern is my own, so Henry, I’m afraid you are my guinea pig for this particular project….

I also made some (okay, a lot, and have orders for more!) microwave bowl potholders which I call Bowl Buddies. They are from a pattern I purchased from handmadebits4u.etsy.com created by Rita Wetzel. These are fantastic little potholders, and have saved me burning my lap and fingers many times.

After a few I got more creative and decided that the emerald green on for hubby would look great with stipple stitch on the outside (not sure if you can see it from the pictures) and I did straight lines on the inside and my daughters bright spotty one I made red on one side and purple on the other (she couldn’t make up her mind which she liked better and neither could I so I did both!)

100_8405 100_8296 100_8306 100_8356 100_8409 100_8412


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