Ruched Pumpkin Pincushion – my new “Work In Progress”…..

I just started this just after noon today and I love the way it’s turning out. It comes from a tutorial from Polka Dot Pineapple for her Ruched Patchwork Pumpkins. I tweaked it a little as I wanted a more “pumpkiny” shape. A Huon Pine candle holder forms the base. I picked it up at an Op Shop (thrift store) for a dollar or so and then used 9 mm dowel for the post.


The pumpkin I made is about 13 cm in diametre and 9 cm high – perfect size for lots of pins and needles! I added a twill ribbon stem (with pipe cleaner inside,) a tendril (also twill ribbon with pipe cleaner inserted) and a pumpkin leaf using a pumpkin leaf template  that I got from an internet site a little while ago.


Yes, I know it’s very orange, but you can never have too much orange in your life, I always say!



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