A Whimsical Ruched Patchwork Pumpkin Pincushion: Mission Accomplished!

My lovely (well, I think so!) ruched patchwork pincushion is now finished. I changed the angle so that I could see more ruched surfaces at any one time and added some more pumpkin leaves. I also changed the pale twill tendril for a darker felt one. I felt it was more dramatic and a nicer contrast to the oranges of the pumpkin body. I kept the stalk pale – again for contrast and because, well, sometimes I’m just a little contrary and it’s the way I wanted it to be.



Then,  just as I said to my daughter Wendee, “I think I’ll put a button here to break up these leaves at the back, what do you think?” She said “Yeah, that’s okay, but a snail would be better!” So of course from there it snowballed to Ladybirds as well, because this is Whirly Whimsies after all so there has to be some whimsy about it – perfect! Just goes to show you that 2 heads are sometimes better than 1.


This side-on view shows the change in angle. I added leaves underneath too. I wanted it to look nice from all angles, and there were one or two ugly (and tenacious) bits of hot glue to hide, so the leaves did the trick.


Now it’s going straight on to my newly tidied sewing table……..







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