I love it when a project just comes together……

A while ago I downloaded a tutorial for an Armchair Caddy from http://www.hugsnkisses.typepad.com (under patterns; August 18, 2008 – you will need to go through quite a few pages to get there or just google “hugsnkisses armchair caddy” as it’s faster!) I put it in my file of things to make “one day.” Since then I bravely decided that I would also like to learn to embroider – real embroidery stuff, not like the sampler I was forced to do (and managed to get away without finishing) in Grade 4 which looked like it was sewn by an unco-ordinated blind person on a really rough ocean!


Anyway, I found I liked embroidery after a gap of 39 years. It’s not perfect yet, and may never be, but I enjoy it, and, remembering that said Armchair Caddy contained embroidery, and since I wanted to make something useful, I pulled out the pattern and set to work.

I found the embroidery pattern was actually too large for the pattern pieces, so I just blew up the pattern pieces (NOT the embroidery pattern!!) to 110% on my copy/printer and it fit beautifully. I did have to add another 20″ to the length of the binding also, so if you want to try this lovely project and have it the same size I did, you will need 60″ of 2″ binding, not 40″.

100_8713     100_8709

Here is my version of it that I made for my daughter Naomi for Christmas, but I couldn’t wait that long so gave it to her early!! (Christmas in July – don’t judge me!) She gave a delighted squeal, stuck a hand in each pocket and said “It’s lovely! Is it an oven mitt?” I tried to act offended, but could no longer contain the laughter that was welling up inside me! (Oh dear, my lovely blonde daughter!!) She’d never seen one before. She’s more a needle craft girl, not a sewing girl, so she can be forgiven her ignorance on armchair caddies! I wanted hers to be bright and cheerful and I think I’ve managed it. What do you think?

100_8715        100_8714


Yeah, those scallops are a little wonky (especially the other end) but in my defense it’s my first try ever at turn under applique or whatever it’s name is…….. I call it “rustic!” 🙂


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