I’m having bags of fun with patchwork and embroidery….

Latest project: New church bag (sorry to my facebook friends who’ve already seen this!)

Lynette Anderson has this wonderful book (actually she has quite a few wonderful books, but I digress!) called “Country Cottage Quilting” with lovely projects to do. As soon as I saw this particular bag called “Birdhouse Bag” I simply had to try it, and as it would be just the right size for my Bible and other things I need to take with me it just had to be my new church bag!

Here is the finished bag:



Now I am working on a matching glasses case, not yet finished. The quilting and binding should be able to be done today though, as I just have the dragonfly head to complete….



After that, I reckon it’ll be my Grandson Emery’s long awaited backpack. Due to the Meniere’s being a bit more horrid than usual, I had to take a break from sewing and that means I then had to “get back into my sewing groove” or “psych myself up” to get my creativity to the level I need to start on it. That’s the way I work. If I were to start on it without doing that carnage and mayhem would ensue and there’d be general crankiness on my part because said bag would be turning out like unidentified debris! Now that I have my creative juices flowing again and I’m in the right place mentally for that bag – it will happen and soon! Not long now, Emery…….

PS. Glasses case is now complete………… what do you think?

100_8745               100_8747100_8749  100_8746


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