Wow! Hasn’t time flown. It’s been ages since I blogged. Life and health often get in the way like that, but I am determined to be a more frequent blogger, maybe fortnightly to see how I go.

Here is a collage of some of the stuff I’ve been sewing/quilting since my last post. Of course, these are only the Bionic Gear Bag Notions Totes that I have made in that time. I love these bags. I still have at least two more to make for my Applique and my Embroidery to go in. The last one was for my Mother in Law for her birthday this week, one was for a bag swap (the one with the sea-life charms and hexies on the front) and 2 were for me – one for English Paper Piecing and one for Felting.

BGB Collage

Bionic Gear Bags were the invention of Sally Thompson (aka RipStitcher) from Craftsy. You have only to google the name of the bag for the pattern to come up! It is fantastic and I love making them.


I’ve also made a few Necessary Clutch Wallets (by Emmaline’s Patterns) and am equally enarmoured of this pattern. Such a clever and simple way to construct a complicated looking pattern, and this is exactly what both patterns share, a simplicity in construction that belies their complicated appearance. Kudos to Sally Thompson and Janelle Mc Kay for their brilliance!

100_0504      100_0506     Naomi's NCW

Where to now you ask? Now, I learn (hopefully) to knit. Not just knit, but knit right-handed! I am predominantly left-handed, and already do some things right-handed so I don’t see many issues with this. I have done a little practice knitting last year (some squares and this pathetic, but colourful, little bag)  but not a great deal.

 (I warned you it was pathetic!)


Hubby needs a new beanie, so I said I’d try to make one for him now that he has approved a masculine (and thankfully simple) knitting pattern. Hopefully my next blog will be about said hat, and also the obligatory knitting bag that I will now have to make for my new craft of knitting……… yes, I know, it is terrible that I will have to make yet another craft bag, but these things happen.

Until next time! Keep crafting!


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