Gift making! It’s quite a process.

It still amazes me that there are people in the world who think it’s insulting to receive home made gifts, produce etc as a gift. That there are people out there who see no value in the thought, the planning, the angst, the jubilation – the process – that goes into such gifts. They don’t see the blood, sweat and tears behind the item. If I personally know any now, they hide it well.


These last few years as I have begun to progress in my sewing, embroidery and now Knitting I have purposed to try to have gifts predominantly home made over mass produced commercialised products. Each person is a unique individual and so should their gifts be.

I want the recipient to know they are loved, appreciated and thought about. You see….. it’s so easy to just buy something, wrap it and give it! It can be impersonal. See the item, think briefly of the person, buy, wrap, give….. and then it’s all over.

When someone makes something for you, you can be certain they’ve thought about you a LOT. Each stitch, pleat, pin and tuck; each paint stroke, stir of the Jam, batter etc that person has been planning, preparing, stock-piling, working – for YOU! And what’s more, they’ve done it because you mean something to them.


So, as I finish my Christmas sewing and Knitting, think of a few small other stocking stuffers I can make as well I now feel the familiar anxiety of the crafter – will they like it? Will they use it? Will they see the days, the hours of love in each and every millimetre?

12357166_10153441951963757_4711586540656463580_o (1)

I hope everyone who reads this has a safe and Happy Christmas, whether that be with family, friends, strangers or on your own. However your Christmas is, may it be a Happy one!


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