Scrappy Mountain Quilt – my latest WIP.

As insomnia tightens it’s grip upon me for the night I decided that it would be a good time to let you all see what I am presently working on….. or what I had been, until the Meniere’s Monster reared it’s ugly head with a vengeance!

It’s been about 2 weeks now I think, since I was last able to work on my quilt (yes, finally this one is for me!) and I feel the familiar frustration welling up inside me as the desire to keep going whilst the mojo is still happening, despite the overwhelming urge to fall flat on my face in any given direction, and vomiting my heart out grows ever more insistent.

Isn’t it lovely? I’m making it entirely on Helga, my 1940 Singer 15K-88 treadle. I love the process of these  Scrappy Mountain Blocks – pair up, slice, sew, square up, slice some more, rearrange and sew up. I’m using a layer cake called  “Fresh Flowers” by Deb Strain paired with some white-on-white fabric. I’m really excited about this quilt! So far  I have about 4 rows done, with 3 more to go. I hope to be able to do some more tomorrow.  Even one pair of squares will be an accomplishment.

I’m determined to get this finished soon, so that I can begin the borders, the accompanying Scripture embroidery and the preparation for FMQ.

Watch this space for developments! Hopefully there’ll be some soon.


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