Scrappy Mountains progress.

I’ve had my Scrappy Mountains quilt in the works now for some time. As it’s for me, I’m not locked into a tight deadline, so it’s taken a back row seat to other more important projects. Progress has been made however, albeit slow.


Helga – my 1940 Singer 15K-88 treadle just ploughs through the free motion quilting! I may never FMQ on a modern machine ever again! What a gal! What a machine!


What gorgeous variegated Gutermann cotton thread! The colour is #4004 if you really want some for yourself!


I’ve still got a ways to go, but I have progressed.



Rosie, my gorgeous gal from 1913 got her spa treatment on the week-end, and hubby helped me fix her bobbin winder. I love watching Rosie wind her bobbins!

Also, I was able to fix Helga’s bobbin winder as well, because the only thing she couldn’t do well was wind her bobbins…. she always did a dodgy job on them, but not now! Now her bobbins are a work of wound art!


Never did I think I would have even one vintage sewing machine – never mind three! and two of them treadles! What a delight they are to sew on!

But, before I continue to ‘wax elephants’ and get all poetic,  I’d best sign off, and just let you gaze and gaze and gaze again at their beauty…. You have my permission to drool as much as you like, but please – not on my lovely girls!



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