Never say Never!

My last post ended with the famous last words “ next project *won’t* be blue….  just sayin’!” Ha ha ha ha ha! – well, never say never!

Well, it just so happened that my next project *was* blue – and so was the one after that as well…… and my next project has (yep, you guessed it!) blue featuring in it also….. sigh!


How did this come about I hear you ask? To cut a long story short, my Mother-in-Law needed to come and live with u18557382_10154833356288757_6325515288129654863_ns. It was quite a move for her – all the way to the other end of the country, onto another Island and a completely different climate zone. This meant that she had to condense her worldly goods into several suitcases! So when a lady needs a handbag – she needs a handbag! Mum just happened to fall in love with some glorious fabric with a Peacock feather design and metallic gold accents (not that I blame her – the fabric *is* gor18620116_10154833356063757_5082763000793985381_ngeous!) that I had in my modest stash here. And so, my next project *was* blue – very blue! A Swoon pattern, the Brooklyn Bag caught her eye and she had no eyes for any other pattern, as this was exactly what she wanted – size, shape, everything. (I made her a little matching zipper pouch too! You can never have too many zipper pouches, right?)

And yes, that lovely knitted hat that just happens to *not* be blue in the very first picture I knitted for my Mother-in-Law too, to keep her head warm this coming winter! Both these beauties are modelled beautifully and professionally by Gwendolynne the lovely vintage sewing machine belonging to my youngest daughter.

The project after that was for a matching mini quilt for her to put her stuff on in her room and since I had a Dresden Plate project to do for a sewing challenge in one of the Facebook groups I’m in, I seized the chance to mingle the 2 jobs into the one project!

After this, I will be doing some Baby Bionic Gear Bags for my Audiologist to look at, as she expressed an interest in buying several once she saw the one I keep all my hearing aid stuff in! 100_0783

I don’t dare rock100_0778 up at the clinic until I have a half dozen of the little blighters in my hot little hands, as she quizzed me on whether I had any with me last time I popped in (I thought she may have forgotten!) so I’d better get a wriggle on with them.

I have all the cutting out done, now just some ironing, piecing, quilting and assembling to do! I have set aside the morrow for just that purpose, and maybe Monday, Tuesday – hopefully no longer than that, I’m almost out of batteries and one of my tubes broke, so I’ve gotta get in there – and soon!

So now, without further ado, I shall go into my room that is heated by the nice cozy fire and do some more cutting, some ironing of interfacing, some exterior quilting and zipper selection ready to be able to just get in and sew tomorrow! Sound like a plan? Yes, I think so too!


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