What can a Whirly Girl do?

Spring is well and truly here in my neck of the woods. Spring is great for the garden, great for Nature. Nature – who suddenly brings forth buds and leaves as she springs back to life, as if in thanks to the God who created all, for her new birth.

Spring is not, however, very good to me with it’s extreme pollen days with the lovely windy days that distribute said pollen over the face of the Earth as if veiling her from the ever increasing warmth from the Sun. As much as much as I love Spring and its ensuing exuberance of Nature unfolding around me, it is Allergy season and therefore extra-whirly season for me! It’s a time of year that poses problems also crafting-wise. What does a whirly girl do when too whirly to sew, knit or crochet? Sometimes I’m even too whirly to bake (have you ever experienced how dizzy you can get whilst making cake batter and having to add things when the bowl is going round and round?)

I met a new friend in cyber space who, whilst doing a Zoom chat with some other ladies as well, was covering a styrofoam head with paper napkins. It was amazing! DeeDee really turned that ugly styrofoam form into a thing of beauty! I had been given a pack of vintage inspired paper napkins by my youngest daughter’s Mother-in-Law and I had some naked styrofoam heads so I thought “Why not give it a try? I’ve always wanted to doll-up my Celeste and her fella!”

I can do these when too whirly to sew or do other craft, I can do these when confined to my chair. I can do them for a few minutes and put them down to dry and pick them up again later. They’re fantastic! And addictive. I want to make a lot! I have so many ideas for them in my head. I hope I can translate them all to an accurate, tangible facsimile of the picture of them in my mind…. time will tell. Now to show you what I have so far…..

As you can see, they are very different. Celeste, the one modelling a hat, turned out very sugar skull-like. Others turned out elegantly and the sunny yellow one? That’s Winsome, as in you lose some, you win some…. She was a damaged one that would have been unusable, except I did some surgery on her, amputating her base, and have covered over the dinged bits….. that’s why she’s Flapper inspired…. to hide the large depression she has in the side of her head from a bad journey from China.

I am keeping Winsome. She will grace my dresser and model my Sunday hat of choice for the day, kind of like a Guardian of the Hat! I will be applying faux gold leaf soon to the plate that is her new base and Estapolling it so it doesn’t flake off. I think it will finish her off nicely along with the green feather eyelashes she will soon be wearing! Can’t wait to finish her off, but I must. The eyelashes are still in the mail en route to me and I have several loads of washing calling plaintively for me to hang them out in the glorious, clear-skied, sunshiny Spring day! Chiao for now…. this awaits my washing!……



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