Here’s what I’ve been up to lately….. (instead of blogging!)

Here’s a quick update on my Winsome lass. She now has her eyelashes, her faux gold leaf and her bling! She looks ah-mazing!!! What a difference those eyelashes make!!! Aren’t they just the cutest???!!!

I also got a surprise decoupage job. A man wanted a Retro Orange head….. he loved it! I enjoyed making Retro Ronnie…. He was Estapolled within an inch of his life too, as he needed to be rain-proof for outdoor parties! Hey, this guy is gonna do some serious partying I suspect! As my favourite colour is Orange – I really, really enjoyed every minute of making Retro Ronnie. And, as you can see by the reflections everywhere – he is seriously shiny! 4 coats of extra clear gloss Estapol does that.

I then got a surprise sewing job….. 1950s style Bibs. I enjoyed that too.

Now Christmas is fast approaching and I still have a few things to make – quick things, thankfully! – and a few crocheted coasters to block and stiffen. In the meantime, I found out how to make sock Gnomes (very addicting ) and am awaiting a video session to learn how to make another style of Gnome on New Year’s Day (my time!) So have a peek at my Gnomes so far…

Here’s wishing everybody a Happy, Healthy Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!


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