Insomnia Induced Steampunk!

The other night, I was unable to sleep – my mind rebelled at the very thought – just like my Grandson Jonathan when it comes time for his daytime nap! Well, since sleep wasn’t happening anytime soon I decided to do something more with a styrofoam head I had covered. It would be something constructive and quiet, as to not disturb those fortunate souls in the house who were, at that moment, fast asleep!

This particular styrofoam head had been giving off a distinct Steampunk vibe right from word go, so I just went with it and very quickly Ramona and her pet bird Millie emerged and they were beautiful! The stand with Millie was made the next day.

I see more Steampunk in my future, as I enjoyed every single minute making Ramona.


2 thoughts on “Insomnia Induced Steampunk!

  1. Bardewyck Dorothy says:

    I am very new to online communicating but I ran across your hat pattern the other day: AMELIA LONG SLOUCHY BEANIE. I tried to purchase one – your price was nearly giving it a way – but it would only let me pay you through PayPal. We’ve had trouble with them in the past & my husband doesn’t want to work with them again. Is there another way to pay you??? If not, I totally understand. For the amount of money you are asking, it cannot be worth much of your time…but I needed to check as I think I’d really enjoy knitting your pattern. I’m glad I looked you up bc I got to see your amazing works in progress. You are very talented. Like you, I live with a disability & have many ‘down days’ & unless you live them, I’ve come to believe it is not possible to understand our many difficulties – on so many levels. I thank you for posting your artwork & hope you know how truly talented you are. Talent is always best when enjoyed by many. Best of everything to you; may the New Year be especially good to you – Dorothy Bardewyck


    1. G’day Dorothy!
      Thank you so much for your kind comments. You don’t mention where it was you saw my pattern for sale, but I used to have my patterns on Craftsy as well as Ravelry and Etsy, but my store, along with many others was closed down on Craftsy. I’m new to the payment side, but I think on Etsy there is an option to pay via other methods such as credit card. If there isn’t, please email me at and I will see if there is another way to pay. I’m in Australia, so if you’re in another country I may need to check on some options. Have a very safe and happy 2020.


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