The birth of Whirly Whimsies….


Whirly Whimsies came about when I started sewing again on a whim. My youngest daughter’s favourite satchel was, well, on the verge of complete dismemberment and I conceived the cunning plan of sewing her a new one for Christmas…..

I then discovered that sewing gave me an “out” – a temporary reprieve from the daily symptoms of Meniere’s disease. I started sewing some more. On another whim, I decided to make a quilt for another of my daughters for her birthday. (Snort! Yeah, right! As if you can stop at only one quilt!!)

By this time I was sewing whenever I could and started to think of a label that would succinctly express who I am and what I do and so Whirly Whimsies was born. Whirly epitomises me and whimsies what I make.

So to me Quilting is a panacea – one that takes me to a place where the constant sensation of movement is pushed into the background and the caprices of Meniere’s are replaced by the whimsies of my own creativity. It is indeed a better place to be.


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